Family Stories

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Books by and About People with Kniest/SED/SMD

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  • Annie, and 11 year-old with SED, shares her story on youtube.
  • Dasha, a college student, with SED.
  • Sofia Cheyenne’s youtube channel. Sofia is a Performer, Teaching Artist, and Disability Advocate, and mom with SED. Start with her be you tiful video.

Actors with SED

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Articles and life stories
about Little People and by Little People

  • Marylou, a 3’11” woman with Kniest and her workshops for innovative solutions to heighten the quality of your life:

  • Read Dan Kennedy’s book, Through my Daughter’s Eyes: This is an excellent book written by an average-sized father about his daughter who has achondroplasia. It also covers the history of dwarfism and how dwarfs are viewed in American society today.
  • Dr. Michael Ain is an orthopedic surgeon with achondroplasia.

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In Our Own Words

Essays by people with SED, SMD, and Kniest, and their families.

The views expressed in these writings are those of the writers. Please contact us to get permission before quoting or citing these essays.