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  • films which include people with disabilities. Films are categorized in different groups: dwarfism, post-polio, deafness, blindness, mental disabilities, disfigurement, autism, and more. This page also contains extensive links to other sources for people with disabilities in the media.
  • This site is definitely worth visiting: film reviews, book reviews, articles, and conferences about people with disabilities.
  • lists of books, films, media articles, and an extensive links section.
  • a web which guides users to finding the right film to help with many problems. If you don’t know where to start, this would be a great place.
  • Center for Disability Information & Rehabilitation.
    This extensive site contains biographies, links for adaptive technologies, disability awareness for youth, information on sexuality, calendars, and more.
  • Visit the Dwarf Artists Coalition page: Links to dwarf artists’ sites, art events, and more dwarfism links. You’ll want to add this great resource to your bookmarks!

    Please check the What’s New page for regular updates.

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Articles and life stories
about Little People and by Little People

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In Our Own Words

Essays by people with SED, SMD, and Kniest, and their families.

The views expressed in these writings are those of the writers. Please contact us to get permission before quoting or citing these essays.