Do Your Own Research

Doing Your Own Research

Find Medical Journals Papers (science magazine articles) on-line

  • The National Institute of Health,, has several invaluable resources as well as information in Spanish:
  • Public Access to Medline (Pub Med), over 9 million medical citations! /PubMed/. Pub Med is an outstanding resource. You can download abstracts of papers as well as order the entire document (for a fee). Please read the introduction section of this web page for some tips and a few suggestions before you start surfing the web for paper abstracts.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)

These pages were produced by medical providers who know a lot about skeletal dysplasias. They are a good source of a summary of current information, as well as a place to find the titles of related papers. These papers are technical.

Not all complications listed will necessarily occur:

SED/SMD/Kniest research page list of conditions for other sources about Kniest, SED, and SMD in clear English.

Getting Medical Journals For free

Note: all these sources were free at the time this web page was published. If you find this is no longer true or discover some new resources, please contact us. Thank you!
You can sometimes get copies of papers by emailing the authors. Email us if you need help emailing the author of a paper.

You may be able to get medical articles for free!

  • Many copies of medical journals are available for free! See You may want to look up a journal article on PubMed, then see if you can get print it right out! You save time and inter-library loan fees.
  • A fabulous resource is You can search from hundreds of journals. The web page provides you links for all articles and notes which can be accessed for free. It is a great tool if you need articles right away and do not have much time to search.
  • More free journals are listed at Biovisa links to over 150 biology and medicine journals with free content online.
  • More links to free medical journals are at is a consortium to promote free access to a range of general biology journals.
  • The Electronic Journal Miner is hosted by a coalition of Colorado and Wyoming libraries. It lists a wide range of resources, from scientific journals to newspapers. It indicates what is available free.
  • Stanford University is making a special effort to let people know about all possible free medical journals. Please see
  • For a carefully selected, classic science papers, please see:
  • A good general resource for finding magazine articles is

Note: all these sources were free at the time this web page was published. If this has changed or you have new free medical journal sites to send, please contact us.

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Other Useful Medical Sites

General Medical Sites

  • “The People’s Medical Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating YOU, the consumer, about health care and your medical rights.”
  • A patient’s guide to the internet: This site contains helpful information including support groups, medical glossary (the guide to understanding Greek and Latin roots of medical terms is especially helpful), and a list of medical references.
  • Medscape, a site which lists health headline and links to many other sites, is a good site to keep up with current headlines. It has a lot of links, including calendars of upcoming medical conventions. This site requires registration. This is a commercial site.
  • is a comprehensive site allowing you to find medical professionals and research health information. No site registration is required.
  • Yahoo’s health page, Yahoo, in addition to being an on-line news provider, also has a lot of up-to-date health information. Yahoo provides both links to organizations and includes categories and brief summaries.

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Government Sites

  • The Office of Rare Diseases:
    Information about over 6,000 rare diseases. This is a federal organization focusing on using research on rare diseases as keys to understanding more common conditions. The ORD has links to information about genetics, patient support groups. patient travel, research and Clinical Trials, and research resources. The ORD also sponsors conferences. The ORD also has information in Spanish.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
  • An interesting free journal: This features some conditions, such as arthritis, that are common in people with Kniest, SED, or SMD.


  • For information on health insurance, please see the advocacy page.

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Question Lists to bring with you to a doctor’s appointment

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