Clothing for People with Dwarfism:

Making Your Own Clothes – finding patterns that fit little people.

Adaptive clothing for wheelchair users and people who need help dressing.

  • We can not say enough good things about They will hem your clothes for free, spend as much time as you need on the phone getting the right size, and they will TAKE BACK CLOTHES WHICH DO NOT FIT, regardless of how unusual the hem length is! You will still have to pay postage on items you return, though you get free postage on the replacement item. Thank you Land’s End!
  • –  company that makes clothes for seniors and people with disabilities who need help dressing.  This website lets you shop by specific physical need. Offers Velcro, inseams and hems and many creative solutions.
  • Ingenious clothes for wheelchair users. UK’s leading supplier of wheelchair and adaptive clothing, working closely with wheelchairs users, carers and professionals for over 25 years to develop a range of disabled clothing to meet specialist needs.
  • has a line of adaptive clothing. They will hem many products for free, and take them back if they don’t fit. Thank you Land’s End!

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People with Kniest/SED/SMD often have unusually shaped feet. Some are very wide, other extremely narrow, some flat, others very thick. Some people have small feet but very long toes. Here are some site to find shoes that fit and look great. Please contact us with any suggestions or if you have any questions.

Shoes that fit orthodics:

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Taking care of shoes: Good shoes are expensive. Here are some tips to help your shoes last longer.

  • A good shoe repair person can put any sole on any shoe. For example, you could put hiking soles on your worn out shoes and end up with long-lasting, non-skid shoes for much less than a new pair of shoes.
  • If your shoes is less than an adult size 6, it can be hard to find new soles. If this happens, have the shoe repair person CUT OUT THE MIDDLE of a sole and glue it on in two pieces. It lasts just as long, fits, and looks fine. 
  • Shoes last longer if you rotate them. Wear shoes no longer than two days in a row, then wear another pair.
  • Get custom orthotics for your shoes. They will be more comfortable and wear better. A podiatrist (foot doctor) will take a mold of your feet to make a pair for you.
  • Get your shoes stretched by a professional shoemaker if they are too tight. You can also apply rubbing alcohol to your shoes and purchase a device to gently stretch your shoes.
  • Help putting on socks

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Suggestions From Families with Kniest, SED, and SMD for finding clothes that fit


  • Your child may have a different size for shirts than for pants.
  • Even if your child has not outgrown his/her clothes, buy new clothes at least every year or so out of consideration for the child. Growing more slowly should not mean that you are stuck with the same clothes for years and years!
  • See links for adaptive clothes for more clothes that are adapted for kids who have medical devices.

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Suggestions for clothes for Young Adults/Adults

  • Article on how to find clothes if you are very short
  • Capris!
    Capris length jeans and leggings are a GREAT FIND. Stock up when you see them. Many people with Kniest or SED or SMD report that they feel “custom made!”
  • If you buy pants that are too long and intend to hem them later, make sure they fit well in the seat. Otherwise, after you hem them there may be a problem when you sit: the pants come 2/3 up your calf! This is because the cut was not right in the seat. The inseam needs to start at the right place.
  • For hemming pant legs leave extra room otherwise the length can be too short! Be sure to leave enough room for the hem PLUS enough fabric to fold under. A common mistake is to not leave enough room at the end for both the hem and fabric to tuck under. With shorter legs, this is less room for error. Remind your tailor of this important tip for sewing for people with short legs!!! So if you need a 22 inch inseam, make sure that the tailor cuts at least 24 inches.
  • Crop Tops
    Look for crop tops in stores. These are often big enough around and not too long.
  • 3/4 length sweaters
    3/4 length sleeves can fit perfectly right off the shelf.
  • See links for adaptive clothes for links to stores who sell dwarf-friendly clothes. Your fabulous outfit is just a few clicks away!

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Jewelry Tips for people with dwarfism

  • A jeweler can shorten necklaces. you can also do this with patience and a very small pair of pliers. If you want to share pieces with a taller person, insert a loop to close the chain in TWO places.
  • If you hands swell up and your fingers are much bigger at the end that at the beginning of the day, there are some braided rings and puzzle rings have a little more wiggles room so they are easier to take off if you hands swell up.