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Information about back care, issues specific to KSG, and prevention

Back and Neck Pain

Spinal Injury Links

  • contains a lot of specialty information about back care, surgery options, and alternative therapies.
  • a site for with articles, links, and information for medical professionals, parents and people with spinal conditions. There is information about pain management, finding a good office chair, anatomy, and information about both surgical and non surgical techniques.
  • Scoliosis Research Society information about scoliosis: lists of doctors, reference books, and more.
  • An excellent site about scoliosis, with many interesting articles and suggestions for exercises. This site keeps with up current literature and posts recent articles.
  • A good site about scoliosis. Has basic information and an on-line catalog of books, videos, and a scoliometer to measure spinal curvature.
  • A helpful site that has information in both Spanish and English. The site also sells videos, has link to a great many other sites, and lists events related to treating scoliosis. A very useful site.
  • This website links to doctor groups specializing in scoliosis. It has some good general information.

Science Articles about back problems and people with Kniest, SED, and SMD

Information about back Braces and Halo Casts

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