Adaptive Equipment

Adaptive Devices, Car Modifications, Clothes, Furniture, Bathroom Aids, Sewing Patterns for Short People


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Bathroom Aids

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  • A very comprehensive site about wheelchair use, additional accessories, van lifts, wheelchair distributors, and how to purchase and install ramps. This well organized site also contains advocacy links and a discussion forum.
  •‘s wheelchair page including many categories of wheelchairs, frequently asked questions, and live on-line help or call 1.800.850.0335 (last checked April 2004):
  • The compact chairs made by are preferred by many people with Kniest and SED.


Three men with SEDC on Segways at an LPA Conference
Three Men with SEDC at an LPA Conference

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Walking Aids

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Medical Planning for a surgery?

Planning for a recovery: What to have for a bed-ridden child

If your child will be in a Halo Cast

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Parenting as a Little Person

Helpful gadgets for raising young children who are dwarves and/or for parents with dwarfism.

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Chairs for People with Dwarfism: life is too short for uncomfortable chairs!

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Stores and websites with helpful tools, gadgets and ideas for people with dwarfism to reach things

If you find a good resource that is not on this page, please let us know! We will add it.