Adaptive Computers

Computers for people with disabilities: stiff joints, small hands, arthritis, and the blind and visually impaired

New computer software can help people with Kniest, Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia, Spondylometaphyseal Dysplasia and related conditions: joint problems, vision problems, hard of hearing, and dispropotionate short stature.

Custom Keyboards

Computers for the blind using speaking browsers:

  • If you are just starting to look for Voice Recognition Software, this is the place to start: A comprehensive page listing different voice recognition softwares, and question lists to help you find the software that is right for you. This lists products for Macintosh and PCs,
  • Computing Out Loud is intended to “help people using speech recognition software, whatever the variety, and to do so without the filters of vendors. We have our own filters, of course, so please read critically.”
  • JAWS from Freedom Scientific technologies is one of the oldest speaking browsers for the blind.
  • “Next Generation Technologies is a leading technology consultancy providing technology services to the professional community since 1993. Our extensive technology experience includes customized assistive technology (AT) solutions.”
  • The NatSpeak Info pages by Joel Gould contains a wealth of information about Dragon NaturallySpeaking, much of which you will find nowhere else.
  • “Recognizing the Potential of Speech Recognition for Secondary Students with Disabilities” has useful resources, but the web site is no longer updated. The listserv,, however, is active.

Voice Recognition Software
computers where you do not have to type

Voice activated light switch