Explanation of Medical Terms
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Explanation of Medical Terms

Firm, elastic connective tissue with collagen fibers.
A cell which produces cartilage.
Collagen is a tough, glue-like protein that represents 30% of the body protein and shapes the structure of tendons, bones, and connective tissues.
coxa vara
a deformity at the hip joint that occurs when the head of the femur is at an angle of less than 120 degrees to the shaft of the femur, causing the femur to not fit into the hip socket correctly
Shaft or mid section of the long bones.
Abormal or different shape.
From Greek dys=bad, plas=shape.
From Greek, meaning upon, at, in addition.
Epidural See:
epiphyseal plate The growth plate of the long bone, just below the bone end.
Inguinal Hernia See
long bone
A long bone is a bone that has a shaft and 2 ends. Long bones contain yellow bone marrow and red bone marrow (which produces blood cells). A great site to see all the parts of the bone is:
From Greek, among, with; after; beyond; completely.
metaphyseal layer Ends of the long bone, after ephiphyseal growth plate.
Odontoid Process
a toothlike process that stabilizes the connection between the head and the neck. It sticks up through the first and second cervical vertebrae, providing support as the head moves backwards and forwards. An image of an odontoid process
From Greek, many.
From Greek, nature, growth.
Having to do with the skeleton (bones).
skeletal dysplasia
A condition where at least one bone in the body does not grow correctly.
Having to do with the spine.
The bones in the spine. Vertebrae are classified into three sections: Cervical (7 vertebrae in the neck), Thoracic (12 vertebrae in between the cervical and Lumbar), and Lumbar (5 vertebrae, the bottom part of the spine).
The names of vertebrae are often referred by their classification. For example L4 is the 4th lumbar vertebrae. See: for more information.


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