Clothing for People with Dwarfism

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Making Your Own Clothes
Find Patterns That Fit

Specialty Clothes for People with Disabilities


People with Kniest/SED/SMD often have unusually shaped feet. Some are very wide, other extremely narrow, some flat, others very thick. Some people have small feet but very long toes.

Good shoes are very important. They will help your feet, and also your knees and back.  Please contact us if you find a brand that works for you and is not listed below, or if you need help finding good shoes.

Tips on buying and taking care of shoes

Hand-made custom shoes. Adults shoes in small sizes.

Solid, well built shoes. Come in wide or very narrow sizes.
Women's US 6/European 36 and bigger.

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Clothing Hints and Suggestions From Families with Kniest, SED, and SMD


Young Adults/Adults

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Jewelry Tips

If you have a short neck, some necklace work better than others.

If you hands swell up and your fingers are much bigger at the end that at the beginning of the day, there are some rings which can accommodate changing sizes:


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