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Help Children who are Bullies,
and Assist Parents and Teachers Handling Bullying

Introduction: Why We Wrote this Page

Every child is at risk for being bullied, not just kids who are short statured. We wrote this page to help kids who are targets of bullies, bullies, children who see other people being bullied, teachers, camp counselors, and families.

Many dwarf children go through school without every once facing a bully. But other get teased, and short children do get teased more than average-sized children. Bullying needs to be taken seriously. The first step in stopping bullying is realizing bullying is happening. Some people think bullying is normal part of growing up. It isn't.

Stopping bullying is an important job. It is a job for everyone: the bully, the bully's parents and teachers, the bully's friends, the kids being bullied, and the people who are there when the bullying is happening. The links below will give you ideas to stop and prevent bullying. If you have questions, concerns, comments on this page, or ideas please contact us.


Bullying is a serious problem that needs prompt attention. The KSG web site is not responsible for the contents of any of the sites linked to on this page. Please also see main page disclaimer.

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Links for Families Dealing With Bulling
and Children Witnessing Bullying

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Parents and Teachers

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Bullying on the Internet

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Anti-bully Laws

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Where can I go for more information on Preventing Bullying
and Increasing Self-Esteem?

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Thank you for visiting the Kniest, SED, and SMD Anti-Bullying page and Advocacy Center.

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Please contact us with questions, comments, and suggestions for improvements.


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