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Using the World Wide Web (internet)

To search the web, start with a 'search engine' page. Ttype in what you are looking in, hit enter, and the search egine gives you a list of page to look at. If you need help please email us.
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Find Medical Journals Papers

(science magazine articles) on-line

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM)
These pages were produced by medical providers who know a lot about skeletal dysplasias. They are a good source of a summary of current information, as well as a place to find the titles of related papers. These papers are technical.

Not all complications listed will necessarily occur:

SED/SMD/Kniest research page list of conditions for other sources about Kniest, SED, and SMD in clear English.

Getting Medical Journals For free

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Prof Bob Brunner for most of these leads.

Note: all these sources were free at the time this web page was published. If you find this is no longer true or discover some new resources, please contact us. Thank you! You can sometimes get copies of papers by emailing the authors. Email us if you need help emailing the author of a paper.

You may be able to get medical articles for free!

Note: all these sources were free at the time this web page was published. If this has changed or you have new free medical journal sites to send, please contact us.

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Skeletal Dysplasia Clinics

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Other Useful Medical Sites

General Medical Sites

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Government Sites

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Question Lists to bring with you to a doctor's appointment

(Note, these lists still under construction)


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